The Ultimate Tool For Sales Reps and Vendors

Files, orders, analytics, it's all in one place.


How it Works

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Vendors upload all the files their sales reps need to see. If a file needs to be updated or replaced, it can easily be done and sales reps are notified right away, so no one should be using yesterday's information.

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When was the last time you ordered a product online by sending someone an email? With VendorPage, sales reps can submit their orders to any of their Vendors right through VendorPage.

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Since orders are submitted directly through VendorPage, analytics and reporting for you to keep track of goals, bonuses, and commission is all built into the app.

Let's Get to Work

When we think of Sales Reps, we often think of terms like “prospecting”, “cold-calling”, “closing the sale”, and so on. But for many reps, they have an established customer base that they rely on to help them grow their business.

VendorPage is designed for those reps by helping them to become more productive and reduce the amount of time they spend searching for files, using different sources to submit orders, and creating their own spreadsheets to track their goals/analytics. Our goal is to bring the amount of time that used to be spent on these simple things to near-zero.