The Ultimate Tool For Sales Reps and Vendors

Files, orders, analytics, it's all in one place.


How it Works

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Vendors upload all the files their sales reps need to see. Files can be easily updated or replaced and sales reps are notified right away, so no one should be using yesterday's information.

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When was the last time you ordered a product online by sending someone an email? With VendorPage, sales reps can submit their orders to any of their Vendors right through VendorPage.

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Since orders are submitted directly through VendorPage, analytics and reporting for you to keep track of goals, bonuses, and commission is all built into the app.

A Note from Our Founder

"VendorPage is a B2Rep SAAS platform built by sales teams to make the entire sales process more efficient. We collaborated with dozens of vendors, sales reps, and agencies to design solutions to common pain points.

Sales Reps wanted to access files from multiple brands in one location. They were frustrated with keeping track of email attachments, only to have correction emails sent with new attachments, or having to sort though different storage sites to obtain what they needed. They wanted to be notified of updates, but not have to worry about saving, organizing, and replacing files which lead to errors.

Principals and Sales Managers wanted to monitor daily order activity instead of relying on shipment reports, which often reflects work done months earlier. They wanted a tool to view sales goals and track progress in real time that both reps and management have visibility with.

Order entry teams wanted to remove orders from email. Inboxes get messy and orders get lost. They wanted to receive orders in one location where anyone on the team could process anytime and anywhere.

Marketing executives wanted a cost effective B2Rep solution that didn’t require any IT involvement or additional back end support. It needed to improve workflow and make everyone's job easier.

VendorPage accomplishes all of this and more.”