VendorPage® is a B2B SaaS platform built for salespeople, by salespeople, to make the entire selling process more efficient. Vendors benefit by having a single platform to manage content and sales engagement, while sales teams and retailers get immediate access to the information they need most, combined with insights, analytics, and streamlined ordering.

The Problem

Capturing and organizing evolving brand assets and order processes is the primary bottleneck for sales reps.  Particularly, independent multi-line reps who aren’t internally connected to their Vendors systems.  A Vendor is more than a Brand.  It’s multiple SKU’s, order writers, model numbers, product descriptions, UPC codes, programs, policies and costs that are ever changing.  Its assets are typically shared with email attachments, links to file sharing folders, ftp sights and even printed binders and flash drives; all of which create an organization nightmare for sales teams. 

The Solution

Vendors build a custom B2B site in minutes with no IT department or coding required. Sales Reps get instant access to multiple vendors through one login, without the need to download, organize and save folders; they are always available and quick to locate. When files change, reps get notifications keeping everyone on point with only current and accurate information. Orders are submitted and received in the app, which captures data so both Vendors and Reps can track sales performance in real time.



Build a custom B2B site with no IT department or special skills required

Showcase brand in the VendorPage marketplace

Upload documents, images, and videos to share with the sales team

Automatic notifications for page updates sent to reps

Receive orders from sales reps directly through the app

Run sales reports and analytics on order performance in real-time

Avoid duplication through email, paper, and cloud storage

Keep reps organized and focused on sales



Access multiple vendors through one login

Showcase Agency in the VendorPage marketplace

Locate critical sales materials with lightening fast search

Eliminate the need to download and save files through email

Place orders directly in the app

Run sales reports and analytics on rep performance, brand, agency, or customer

Receive notifications of Vendor updates

Increase productivity through more time selling, less time organizing

VendorPage® is used to improve communications and processes between Vendors and Reps in a variety of  industries including:

Sporting Goods

Home Improvement





Lawn & Garden